Sunday, October 4, 2009


So we all just went on vacation.
It was really cool to experience lots of new and different things. New and different ways of doing things. It was so exciting! We went to Ireland. They do things lots different than we do. Or maybe as Daddy says, " we do things differently than they do". They drive on the other side of the road. The stick shift is on the left instead of the right. They eat enormous breakfasts and they drink instant coffee. The money is different and the taxes are REALLY high. They don't tip and all the electrical outlets have on/off switches. There aren't a lot of sock monkeys around. I got lots of stares and lots of people giving me bananas and asking if they could pet me. Everyone was really nice. All the people there made us feel really welcome and right at home. We traveled all over the country and stayed in a different town every night. We went to the Guinness storehouse..Mom even let me have a little pull of her pint. tee hee. It was really funny tasting. I think I like my Banana juice better. I really liked seeing how things were so different. How different cultures do things. It's really nice to be home with Dog and Bear and in my own bed again..but I really like Ireland and hope to go back again.


  1. the mother land...welcome home. Did you eat that amazing brown bread? Can't find it anywhere...maybe they make it with beer.