Sunday, October 4, 2009

Have bananas

So I am still stuck on this whole, "you get what you think about" thing. Part of me really believes it. After all I think about bananas almost constantly. And you know what I am almost always surrounded by bananas. (no, this is not a commentary regarding the mental health of my parents). But we always have bananas on hand. I'm not old enough to go to the store despite the fact that I am dependent on others for them..I always have them. I never imagine or worry that there will be none..and I never experience the " noneness" I only experience the "having" or the plenty. Mom says this works for everything. The trick is to only imagine the good and to keep the focus off of the not having or the lack of. Mom says that the universe (or God if you prefer) will always produce what ever you are focused on. So the focus of not having produces not having. I think it makes sense. But I am not about to try thinking about the not having of bananas. It is far to scary a thought to even try. I'll stay where I am and only concentrate on the having.

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  1. ...and bananas are good for you! Lots of potassium!:)