Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You get what you think about.

That's me and Dad. We are sharing breakfast at the Butler's Arms Hotel in Waterville, Ireland. Note: I am eating a grapefruit. Dad just had a full Irish Breakfast. That's why he doesn't have the energy to scamper up the walls and swing from the chandeliers. But you can tell we were having a great talk about the quality of Irish coffee and bananas.
Dad has what he calls the "Luck of the Irish". We were tired, Mom was cranky and I was hungry. We had been driving all day. We visited a sheep farm (more on this later) and some big old estates and a couple of tumbly castles. Any way....we walked in to this hotel and Daddy talked to the lady and we ended up with the most amazing room. Dad just always expects good things to happen. And you know what? They do! You really do get what think about! Plus we met some really neato people after dinner. It pays to have a sunny outlook.

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  1. Great picture and so inspiring! Morty you are the smartest sock monkey I've ever seen!