Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ma heb id stubbed upth

I woke up this morning with a runny nose, fever and cough. URRRRGGG. It's no fair being sick on summer vacation. I want this day replaced with one from school. I think I should get to stay home from school one day this fall.
Mom and Dad got me all set up on the couch with the remote and some hot tea. I keep sneezing and I don't feel so good. My head hurts and I wish I could sleep. Mom tucks the blankets all up around me and puts my slippers on my feet. I am going through boxes and boxes of Kleenex. Achoooo! I'm cold then I'm hot. How did I get so sick?? I can't play with my friends. Pout!!!
Dad is gonna make me his special soup. And then Mom said I could have a Popsicle. Grandma is coming over to read me stories a tonight. With all this love and care I should be better in no time.

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