Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pants on Fire

Whats a lie? I am in the midst of learning this lesson. Here's my story:

My friend Bear and Dog came over for the 4th of July. We had a lot of fun together. We drank ice tea, ate hot dogs, chips and frozen bananas. We had water balloon fights and played Boccie Ball. We watched all the drunk people parade up and down first street. Dog dropped water balloons on some on them. We laughed and watched as they got wet. We watched people ride their bikes in their itty bitty bikinis..(Dad watched too, giggle). We watched the fireworks from the roof of our building , we twirled sparklers and stayed up late. We had lots of fun.

.....Later...Mom asked me if I dropped water balloons on any of the people on the street. I said no. (After all I didn't. Dog did). Mom wasn't happy with me. She asked me again. So I told her I didn't. Gall-e. leave me alone already.

Later Dad asked me again..he told me I needed to tell him everything we did. I guess someone in the building got hit by a water bomb and saw me, Bear and Dog, at the railing. I told Dad it was Dog, not me. He was really mad at me for not telling Mom when she asked me. Dad told me it was lying because I didn't tell Mom what happened, when she asked about the water balloon. Even if I didn't do it. I knew who did and what happened. He told me I should have told Mom what happened. He said it was lying by omission. Lying by o-mis-sion means leaving out important facts. It was an important fact that I knew that Dog had dropped water bombs on people. I should have told Mom and Dad that Dog did this when I was asked if I had dropped the water balloons. I have to admit..I was really scared I would get in trouble when Mom asked me about the water balloons. I knew we did something wrong. Dad says I could have avoided the whole thing if I had told him when it was happening, he would have talked to Dog about it. But I didn't and I didn't tell Mom when she asked. I guess I have a lot to learn about doing the right thing.

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