Saturday, July 11, 2009


Sun, Sand and a cold glass of Banana juice. The toils of the week are but dim memories in my monkey brain. How quickly we let the robes of responsibility and conforms of society drop from our shoulders as we change from our work selves to our weekend selves. My weekend self is so different from my weekday self. Why is it that the two are so different? Do I have a split personality? Is there something wrong with me? Or am I like every other monkey? Do we all have two or more selves? Are these personalities or masks we put on to get the job done? Dad says they are all a part of me and that I just emphasize some more than others when I need them. It's how I get through daycare and pre-school. So I am Morty the amazing with my friends and Morty the sweet and wonderful with Mom and Dad. I am that @*&%$#@! snotty monkey to the air conditioning man (that's why I blow boogies on him). I am Morty the adorable with to Grandma-ma. I guess I am all of these. All of these.. plus more that I have yet to discover, are who I am. I am looking forward to discovering more! What an adventure.

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  1. Like an onion, peeling away the many layers! Such a sweet, diverse little monkey!