Sunday, June 28, 2009 it a crime???

My Dad drives slow. Yup..... slow. No question about it. S-L-O-W. My Mom drives fast. Real fast. Not like zippy, like HOLY COW, we crossed the sound barrier.
Dad gets mad at her for driving so fast, he says it's against the law. She says pshaw! But in my monkey brain..I wonder why it's OK for that kind of breaking the law, but not others. Mom says people routinely speed, jay-walk, appear publicly drunk and spit in public. So why are those laws OK to break? Who decides when it's OK and when it's not? And what if everyone is speeding , jay-walking, spitting and appearing drunk in public. Will there be utter chaos? Why do some people think it's OK and others are mortified (not morty-fied)??? Am I an unaccepted society reject if I follow all these laws? I mean the average concert, football game or monster truck show is filled with drunken people. Sometimes it's so crazy I'm scared and have to hang on tight to my Dad. It can be scary just to walk to the stadium. Some of those big drunk guys scare me and the ladies with too much make-up yelling at everyone and doesn't seem to me like they are having fun. Yet everyone acts like it is perfectly acceptable. How do we decide what's right and what's wrong? I guess you have to be prepared for the consequences of your actions no matter if they break the law or not.

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