Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh go fly a kite!

I'm bored! We are having a heat wave and it is just too gall darn hot to go outside. Especially in monkey fur. You have to wear a hat and flippies just to go out and get the paper. With temperatures in the triple digits even the beach is empty. The sand burns your tootsies! Even the dolphins are lying low. So I keep going from room to room. I think I'm getting on Mom and Dad's nerves. Mom just yelled go fly a kite. Hrrumph. It's too hot Go Fly A KITE *%#@!!??. It's too hot. And I don't wanna fly a kite!!!

I want someone to pay attention to me!!! Yes me.. Morty! I want Mom and Dad to stop whatever it is they are doing and..make me not bored.

Why does this happen to us sometimes. We get bored and feel someone should be showing us how not to be bored. Is this part of growing up? You have to learn how not to be bored or lonely by yourself? Enough already..I'll go put my kite together, before Dad gives me some chores to do!

1 comment:

  1. Morty, you know the saying..."Only boring people get bored"...however I don't know if it applies to monkeys, and I certainly know you are *not* a boring monkey! I've seen you swingin' from those chandeliers on way too many occasions to be bored!