Sunday, June 28, 2009


I can't decide, a car that leaves only a small footprint or the car of my dreams. I know what I should do. That's not the problem. I know what's right. But when I look at the Aston Martin Vantage...I well...drool. So I think how debonair I will look driving that beautiful sleek machine, listening to it's roar as it accelerates and how it purrs at each stop light. Like riding a fine steed. The rush is amazing. But...then I think about the size of that footprint. EGADS! How much waste and just to assuage my ego? Am I not as debonair driving an electric car? Are my stripes not as fascinating on a scooter as in an Aston Martin? My gaze any less mesmerizing on a bicycle as in a luxury sports car? And the people who think I'm cool in my Aston Martin...If they don't think I'm as cool in my electric car??? Are they worth knowing then? The valets; will they park my car just as gladly if it's an electric beach cruiser versus a James Bond "el suave" car?

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