Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ring around the Rosie and other inappropriate things

Played with my friends today. Did you ever realize what a strange idea Ring around the Rosie is?

We played for hours. round and round we go...dizzy dizzy..we all fall down. I asked mom about it. What does it mean and who the heck is Rosie any way. Let me tell you...I wish I had not asked.

The Plague....

Yuk and icky!

Sometimes it's better to just have fun with something and not know the details. EEEUUUWWW.

The question what point do we decide that it is important to know the details??? You know at what point is it a social no-no and at what point is it innocent? How is a monkey to know? What if I make a mistake? Is it offensive to Teddy if I mention a Bear Market? Does Rufus get mad when I say Dog days? Gosh, maybe it's just safer to sit and look at the wall and suck on frozen bananas.

1 comment:

  1. Morty Darling, I just prefer to skip the gory details and keep my rose colored glasses *on*. That's just my two cents... :)