Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Herding cats

Mom says getting us all together to go to something communal is like herding cats. Quite frankly I didn't know anyone herded cats. I'm pretty sure it's not a job I want.

She says that sometimes moving us towards our destiny is much the same. We don't seem to want to go even when it could be a lot of fun. I might want to go if bananas were involved.

We get bumped, prodded, pushed and finally shoved until we move from our comfortable place to another place that after much adaptation becomes our new comfortable place where we quietly and comfortably remain until we are prodded forward again. So we snarl, flip boogies, grunt, moan and complain. We think we are so smart and so all knowing. We sit around sipping banana and lime juice complaining about it all, when we know we have to move with flow. We go on and on about the terrible things that make our lives change, forgetting that our lives are... all about change. Maybe being the person that makes people change can be good? Maybe even noble?

So maybe being a cat herder is not so bad.


  1. You inspired me. I found my new path. I want to be a cat herder, 'cuz you know how much I love cats...

  2. PS - do you have a picture of Sock Monkey booty?

  3. Awww pshaw. That booty is cute it's insured!
    Pic coming soon.