Monday, June 8, 2009

Sometimes things are better after a little time out

Ok. I am better now. I guess I needed the time out. Mom and Dad didn't like the whole "cake" thing. No bananas for a whole day either.
Here is a picture of the wall in my room. I spent a couple of hours staring at it.
Pretty boring.Maybe I should color it just in case I have to go in time out again. I don't like time out. But I guess I was" being monkey" badly. That's what dad said. Anyway I guess I should have taken my nap. Maybe I wouldn't have been so cranky.
Maybe it's important to know when you time out before someone tells you that you need it.
Sometimes Mom and Dad take time out. They just go for walks alone or just hang out by themselves. Maybe that's why they don't get cranky too often. Just a tip...don't tell people to go "eat cake" you might get time out when you don't want it.

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  1. Morty, I think it's your French heritage that made you do it. The whole "Let them eat cake" thing has been an issue with our ancestry for centuries.