Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Dad says there are things you should not do. Things that go without saying. Like you don't flip boogies on the air conditioning man. (I don't care what Dad says. I don't like that man. He's grouchy) or pee on the elevator man's shoe. What I want to know is..if we have this sort of unspoken list of things we just don't do..then why do some of us do them? You know break the rules and flip boogies on the crank pots? Is it how we keep the nastys of the world in check? Reminding them they are too mean to interact with the non-grouchs? I mean didn't they start it first by being uptight and mean? I know I'm supposed to be good even when big people are not nice to me or my friends. But don't you think they should have a mood adjustment? Don't you think they would appreciate a mood adjustment without drugs or alcohol? I think it is my personal monkey duty to remind these people that they take themselves too seriously and that a little monkey DNA will loosen them up.
After all look what it did for Mom and Dad!

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