Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's happened. Woweeee. zipitty do dah! I met the coolest girl. She is well.....WOW. The whole family took a vacation to where my Mom grew up. Seattle. We stayed in a really neato place in Queen Ann. It was beautiful. We visited the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, The Aquarium, the Willamette valley and we even stayed in a haunted hotel. Then...it happened. Mom's sister came over to pick us up. Holy Cow!! she is the bees knees. We had dinner with her and then we sat near the fire and drank fine wine ( I had root beer). She is soooooo pretty! She is really smart and nice too. She has beootiful dark hair and big soft eyes. She is good at Scrabble and card games. She laughs kinda funny and crinkles her nose like me. She doesn't have stripes though. She's tall and did I say really pretty? Shes really funny too. No, not funny looking.. funny. She makes me laugh. She smells really pretty too. Dad says she is coming for visit this summer. I hope she stays in my room. I'll even share my teddy bear. And Dad will make banana and coconut pancakes....I can't wait

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  1. Oh Morty, the fire, the wine...it was unforgettable. Big sigh...