Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bon Apetite

We went out to dinner last night. My first time out to a "real" restaurant. Dad calls it a "white linen" restaurant. It was lots of fun, but a lot of stuff like "manners" to remember. It was kinda dark inside. And quiet. We walked in and Daddy talked to a pretty lady, who told us to follow her. We walked through the restaurant, I looked around. I was the only monkey in there. She led us to a table in the middle. Daddy pulled mommy's chair out and we all sat down. The pretty lady brought me a big pillow to sit on. There were lots of glasses on the table. Mommy told me I was not supposed lick them all. Dad ordered wine and mommy had something called a martini. It had green olives in it. eeeuww. Yuk. Sometimes mommy eats weird things. Lots of mommy and daddy's friends and quaintces came by to say hi. Mommy was laughing a lot. She even thought it was funny when I put an olive in my nose. Daddy wasn't so happy and told me to mind my manners and behave. He says that a lot. I'm not really sure what that means. I mean I know I'm supposed to stop being silly, but I don't know what it really looks like to behave. I usually just stop doing everything and sit still. But I like to play with things. I don't like to be still. We had steak and lobster and spinach. I like spinach. For desert we had bananas foster and ice cream. It was really fun. I was really full and the soda made me burp...really loud. But I don't like to think about which fork to use or when to use my napkin. Mom says I need to learn. But I think I like going for pizza where I don't have to use a fork.

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