Sunday, May 31, 2009

hit and run and other criminal behaviour

Mom and I ran some errands today. I love running around town. Meeting and greeting friends. Getting stuff done. Stopping for ice cream or cappuccinos. Chatting with the pretty lady at the dry cleaners. Then as we were wrapping up our errands....


Mom and I just returned to the car to find Benzie had been hit. Urghhh. Benzie's wound stood out like a black rugged gash on his pristine elegant white nose.

But wait!!The guy left a note! Phone number, name and everything! Wow!

We drove home. Benzie slow and careful in his navigation of the familiar streets. We were oddly quiet in respect to his fresh wounds and his valor in continuing on. We came home and I ran to Dad heralding the important information and feeling guilty excitement over the news I was first to deliver.

Mom and Dad examined the note. Then an odd thing happened. They debated on what to do. I was puzzled. I mean the guy left a note. And Benzie was hurt. But then I thought about it. It did seem odd. The guy was honest in his crime..he called it to our attention. Now he is going to pay for Benzie's rhinoplasty. I mean it doesn't seem quite fair. If he didn't leave note he would not pay. At least not monetarily. Perhaps karmically. Perhaps in a world where ones soul is more important than ones money, people leave notes. Makes me think twice about leaving my tidy whiteys on the outside of the hamper.

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