Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sunshine, wind and bananas. Nothing beats cruising the beach in mom's convertible. I'm already at least 50% red so sunburn is not a concern. Woke up had my Banana pancakes, slicked back my coif, strapped on my vintage Louies and enjoyed the good life. I recall life "on the shelf". No outings, no Louie V sunglasses, no Benz, no (shudder) Banana pancakes. What makes a change like this happen in one's life? Was it all the focus I had in my soul on this life? I used to spend a great deal of time fleshing out the details of such a life. Feeling good about it and savoring exactly the way each step of it would feel. And it always, always felt good. I'd sit there on the crowded shelf , squished by the stuffed bears, goofy smile on face imagining all the wonderful things and ways life could and should be for me. When did the conversion of dreamer to reality happen? What made that particular woman stop and observe my person? Was it divine intervention? Was it my intentions and pureness of thought? Was my dream the same as hers? No matter. In the end I'm here. I know I can be happy even on the shelf. I'm happy and not ashamed to be living the good life in these uncertain times.

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