Saturday, May 30, 2009


Bananas. The kind of Bananas that means...well..not sort of like the rest of us. Colorful. Colorful in not the right kind of way. Not that I can really comment on it. I am after all..striped, and red striped at that. I think it kinda permeates my personality too..the stripes, not the red. I think it gives my character more dimension. Dad says it's just my monkeyness. I suppose that comment will come back to haunt both of us. Him in his old age when I don't live up to my potential and me when I subconsciously use it as a reason not to succeed. You know..."My inherit monkeyness makes me fart during board meetings". Therefore I need never take ownership for actions. "You know when I was two my Dad said to ignore my bad behavior, it's not bad behavior it just my monkeyness." Well any hoo...Mom and Dad had some friends over. Whew. I am sure some of them qualify for, well..being classified as bananas. Or at least as plantains. Depends on your definition. Everything from hermits to restaurateurs. Weird hair, outlandish outfits and yes ma'am even republicans. Makes it kinda hard to get everyone to agree on what qualifies as bananas. Mom says they're just artsy. (shes the boheme) Dad just laughs. The thing about mom and dad..they love everyone as long as everyone is nice to everyone else, even if they are bananas. Seems simple enough even for a Sock Monkey.

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