Monday, August 31, 2009


Apparently there is something we do called going to the doctor. Hmph. I had to put my toys away and we got dressed and went to see Dr. Good. He works in an office. We walked in and Mom talked to a woman who said we should sit down and wait. After a little while another lady opened a door and called us to follow her. We followed her to another room. Mom helped me to sit on a big high chair covered in white paper. Another, yes another lady came in and took my temperature. Put a funny thing on my finger and put stuff in her computer. After a while Dr. Good came in. He always talks nice to me. And he shakes my hand. Just like I'm a grown up. He looked me over for a while and then he rubbed my arm with a wet cotton ball and then....

It happened!

A shot!

I screamed!

then...I cried.

Mom held me tight and patted my head. Dr. Good patted me and said it would stop hurting

in a minute. Mom said we'd go get banana ice cream when I was done crying.

I realized it didn't hurt anymore and that I wanted the ice cream.

so...we left to go feel better. Hmmm kinda funny we left the Dr to feel better.??!!

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