Monday, August 10, 2009

In Hospital

Well, Benzie is finally in Hospital. He was hurt a long time ago. Apparently things like insurance take a really long time. Allstate. I think they call themselves the "Good Hands People". Mom calls them the "Slow Hands People". It's been over 2 months. Mom and Dad had to keep calling and I think Dad got kinda cranky with them. Somehow it seems really backwards. Some guy hits our Benzie, but my Mom has to take time away from work to arrange Benzie being fixed. My Mom has take time away from work to talk to all these insurance people. My Mom has to take time away from work to get a rental car. Really this is silly. My Mom didn't hit anybody. Benzie was parked in a safe place. But because someone wasn't watching what they were doing our whole family is disrupted. And Mom's work is disrupted. It's kinda like we get punished because we got hit. And all this time Benzie is hurt and not feeling good. Hurumph! I'm not sure about all this insurance stuff. If I ever see this guy who hit Benzie, I'm gonna flip boogies on him.

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