Thursday, April 15, 2010


Went to work with Mom today. Wow what a day. It was fun to be with Mom all day. She talks to lots of people. Lots and lots of meetings talking about numbers and clothes and stuff. Lots of paper. Lots of people coming in her office all day.I don't think I like her job so banana breaks. Boy, I'm glad I brought my toys. I think it's kinda boring talking about numbers and stuff. I like all the people. We went to lunch and we got to eat in a nice resturant together. Then back to work. It was a really long day with no nap time and no recess for Mom.  I took a nap. Glad I brought my favorite blanket too. I think I like school better than work. Why don't they have nap time and reces? I think those meetings would be better after a nap. It doesn't make sense. It might be kinda fun if they had recess and nap time.

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