Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is a picture of Barong. Barong is one of my heroes. He is kind, kooky and mischievous. He is the defender of the good. He (I think he is a he) is the physical manifestation of a protective spirit who guards people from evil influences.
He is so powerful he can protect an entire village. That's powerful!
He is light hearted, capricious, and happy but strong. I can relate to a hero like that. If you ever go to Bali you can watch a Barong performance. They are really beautiful. And the Barongs are depicted slightly different in different places on the island. But they most usually look something like a lion or tiger. They usually have a bit of an entourage. Which is kinda cool. I think I would like to have an entourage. Maybe Piganine, bear and dog will be my entourage. I'd like to be as strong as Barong and have gamelon music playing every time I come around. I wonder if Barong eats bananas?

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