Friday, June 19, 2009

Fathers Day

I made a Fathers Day card for Dad today. Well almost. The glue is drying. (not boogies for those of you who read my earlier post). I love making stuff. The paper, the glue, the sissors. Mom making chicken pot pies while I work my art at the kitchen counter. Mom didn't even have to remind me...this year.

Dad. Hmmm. What a great idea Dads are. I love sitting with Dad on the couch watching a game and eating bananas until I bust. Mom comes home to find us sprawled out on the couch, banana peels piled on the floor. Rootbeer bottles everywhere. I belch in greeting to her raised eyebrow. and giggle a bit. This is boys time! She stalks off to another room. shaking her head.

Dad and I finish the game. slugishly and half heartidly pick up our mess and adjurn to the deck to enjoy the last vestiges of daylight. Here we sit in silence (uncommon for me, but I am sure that I am on the verge of a food coma) rumminating on life together. I finally work up the nerve to ask Dad what I've always wanted to ask him.

"Dad, why did you adopt me"?

His reply surprised me.

"Mort, I wasn't sure I wanted a kid. And then well.. your Mother spotted you was as if we had never been without you. Sort of like finding out you've lived your whole life without your left arm"

That was it. I'm not sure what I expected. But WOW.... Maybe something like,I don't know " I researched it for 12 years, visited the congo and volunteered at the primate house, and then I knew I was ready you" But to admit he took no time in wanting or thinking about it..that he just loved me on first sight. Wow. I wasn't sure if I should be mad or happy. I'd had too much rootbeer to be mad so I decided to be happy.

After all...Dad is the one who picks me up when I crash on my bike, when I get sand up nose or fall from the ceiling fan. He's the one who imparts words of wisdom, boyness and what mom refers to as trouble. These are the gifts he gives me everyday.

Thanks Dad.

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